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Immersive (XR) storytelling


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Getting lost in The Cloud: How do we find our way, maintain authenticity and build connections in the digital world?

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November 5, 2021

Maitree has been exploring this question as a part of a new XR theatre project we have been collaborating on called Cloudlines. Maitree is the VR production partner on the project which is a mixed reality, multi-artform work produced by Darwin based Yum Cha Arts

Cloudlines has been developed over two years and is the result of an artistic collaboration between a diverse group of Australian and Malaysian artists during covid lockdowns.

The initial premise of the collaboration, which was largely devised online and during covid lockdowns in each country, was "How do we find our unique identity and create authentic connections in a virtual space? "

The VR development side of the work has been supported by an awesome collective of artists and visual designers.

Cloudlines employs virtual reality, live performance and live streaming to transform the performance space and invites audiences to consider the impact of the digital world and what it means to them.

Scheduled to be presented in July 2023  simultaneously in Darwin and Penang, Cloudlines is a vehicle to enable artistic collaboration and performance across distance, across artforms and across generations.

Written by

Luvenia Kalia

Peta Khan

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