Every Story Counts.
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We bring stories to life.

bring stories to life.

connect people.

educate and inspire.

bring stories to life.

Maitree is a digital studio specialising in thought provoking content, social impact storytelling and immersive reality (XR) experiences connecting people, places and communities.

Every Story Counts.

& Advocacy

We specialise in authentic and ethical non fiction storytelling. From documentary film to the codesign of eLearning and advocacy content.

workshops & Consultation
video production

XR Storytelling & Immersive Design

Take audiences to the heart of your documentary or social impact story with virtual (VR), augmented (AR) and mixed reality (MR) production and design.

Narrative & UX Design
Augmented reality (AR)
Virtual Reality (VR)

Digital Heritage

Bring history to life with engaging storytelling and interactive narrative experiences for museums, education centres and cultural institutions.

workshop & consultation
Mobile Apps
Immersive Design
Interactive Narratives

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a quote for my project?

Every project is unique, so please email info@maitreehouse.com with some basic details including your project's goals, desired outcomes, timeline and approximate budget range you have to work with. After that we can jump on a zoom to talk through possibilities and arrange a more formal quote for your project.

What is immersive (XR) storytelling?

XR stands for 'extended reality' and is the umbrella term to describe mixed reality technologies like virtual and augmented reality. Using these technologies we design thought provoking and interactive experiences taking audiences to the heart of your story, from virtual reality narrative games to mobile walking tours with embedded augmented reality.

What filming equipment or technology does Maitree use?

The Maitree team come from a documentary film background so we specialise in cinematic documentary content filmed with broadcast quality cameras, audio, lighting and drone kits.

For our immersive work we use a compilation of content capture and post production technology such as:
- Insta360 Pro 360 Camera
- Matterport 3D Scanning Camera and Virtual Tour creator
- Rokoko Motion Capture Suit
- Volumetric Capture
- Photogrammetry Tech
- 3D Spatial Design with Unity

Is Maitree the right producer for my project?

Maitree are strategic partners to community, cultural heritage and educational institutions, government, purpose driven brands and non profits. We highly value an ethical codesign approach to our work and enjoy working collaboratively with the communities and individuals impacted by a story. We are recipients of the Australian Human Rights Commission Business Award and strive to work on projects that have positive impact and provide space for diverse and underrepresented voices in our community.

Where does Maitree work?

Maitree works across the Asia Pacific and currently has offices in Darwin, Australia and Penang, Malaysia. We frequently work on international collaborations so please keep us in mind if our work and values align with your project needs.

Are you hiring?

We are always looking for like minded storytellers, artists and technologists to work with, so please send through your resume and portfolio as opportunities arise throughout the year.