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Over the past year, Maitree has been exploring new ways to grow and contribute to the creative technology and immersive arts scene in Malaysia, with a specific focus on Penang.

Through a number of artist and community conversations held during the year grew our inaugural two week VR/AR Artist Residency. In 2021 the residency was taken up by two local street and multimedia artists Taz and Fakh who over the period of three weeks produced some outstanding outcomes given the time restriction and format of creating from home due to a national lockdown. Despite restrictions, the artists kept a positive attitude and willingness to collaborate with the Maitree team.

Now with the easing of restrictions in Malaysia and the revamping of the local arts and culture industry, Maitree will be organising a show entitled, Into the Metaverse to present the works created in the residency to the community.

What is Into The Metaverse?

Into the Metaverse is an XR arts showcase presenting the vibrant works of two Penang street artists Taz and Fakh who have each taken a deep dive into arts creation in the metaverse during lockdown. Taz is a Penang based Graffiti & Mixed Media Visual Artist and Fakh is a Painter & 3D Generalist.

The works present a variety of art created within the span of two weeks in an online Virtual Reality Artist Residency facilitated by Maitree, a Penang based creative studio. The artists were given Oculus VR headsets to explore XR creation processes within the comfort of their own home. With very little urgency for a product, the artists were able to explore new possibilities of creation and develop skills in creating in a VR headset. The showcase is a product of collaboration between the artists and Maitree's in-house Unity Developer, Steven Voon.

The residency was a kickstart to Maitree's future initiatives in creating fun opportunities for artists and community members to explore and discover immersive technology. Maitree presents this residency in hopes of gaining community perspective on creating in the Metaverse to frame future projects, collaborations and initiatives to expand the world of Creative Technology in Penang.

What to expect?

VR Headset experiences to venture into a world created by the artist.

AR portals that will transport the audience into a different realm.

VR Playtime, where the audience get to be the artist by creating works of their own!

Click below to learn more about the artists:

Into the Metaverse Artist
Download PDF • 2.40MB

This event is free and open to all on the 11th of February 2022, with the exhibition on-going for 10am to 8pm and an artist talk with the creators behind the work at 6pm (complimentary drinks and nibbles available 5pm onwards)

Register at:

Feel free to contact with any questions.

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