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CASTING CALL: Looking for People with Intellectual Disability or ABI for video project

Maitree House is currently working with Latrobe University on a project about how hospital staff and workers can support people with intellectual disability or ABI in the hospital system.

We are looking for people with disability to play the lead role in each of our scripted scenarios. No experience is needed but the cast should be able to feel comfortable in front of a camera, understand they are in a scripted scene and be able to act and respond to the action of the support actors.

These are the characters that we are casting for:

CASSANDRA - a woman with intellectual disability who uses her own gestures rather than words to communicate. In the scene, her support needs include needing assistance with meals, physical therapy and at times she is at risk of aspirating. She also needs support to understand and communicate medical needs.

CURTIS - a man with more profound intellectual disability who doesn’t communicate verbally. In the scene, Curtis can swallow tablets but needs support to understand and communicate medical needs, particularly when anxious.

JEFF - a man with intellectual disability who can communicate verbally but can be difficult to understand. He is highly anxious and requires support and reassurance.

Filming details are as follow:

Rehearsal: 5 & 6th February 2022

Dates: 8th- 18th February 2022

Commitment: 2-4 days of filming (depending on character)

Payment: In accordance to MEAA rates (depending on commitments)

Location: Bendigo

If you find yourself fitting any of the character descriptions above, do send us an email at with the following details:




Preferred way to communicate:

Level of support needed in day to day life:

While not 100% necessary, we would love a short video where we get to meet you first, just so we can get to know you, make sure you are keen to be involved and understand what the project is about. If a video is hard to make, we can also set up a zoom call if that is more accessible and convenient for you.

Easy english document available below:

CASTING CALL- easy english document
Download PDF • 8.77MB

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