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Maitree House is currently working with Latrobe University on a project about how hospital staff and workers can support people with intellectual disability or ABI in the hospital system.

We are looking for professional actors to play nurses, occupational therapist doctors, family members and support workers. All the roles listed are for scripted scenes. Actors will be required to attend a rehearsal and filming days agreed upon.

We are casting the following roles:

A physiotherapist

A occupational therapy

A social worker

2 fathers (parents to the main characters)

1 mother (parent to one of the main characters)

3 support worker (1 for each character)

4-5 Nurses

Roles listed above are for able bodied actors. We also have a few central roles for people with disability which are listed in another callout. We are open to all ages, genders and cultural backgrounds and are aiming for diverse representation. Actors will be paid according to MEAA rates.

Filming details are as follow:

Rehearsal: 5 & 6th February 2022

Dates: 8th- 18th February 2022

Commitment: 1-3 days of filming (depending on character)

Payment: In accordance to MEAA rates (depending on commitments)

Location: Bendigo

If you would like to be apart of this project, send us the following details with an acting reel, samples of your work or a monologue of your choice to




Submission Date: Please submit your interest to us by Jan 20th, 2022

Covid Guidelines:

Standard procedures for filming will be taken to adhere to relevant Covid-19 guidelines at the time of filming. All cast and crew are required to be fully vaccinated in order to participate.

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