The City of Canada Bay &

The Australian Maritime Museum:

Rising Tide Historical Walking Tour App

Location Storytelling / Mobile and AR integration / Historic Documentary

Rising Tide is an historical walking tour app taking you on a unique 11 km walk around the beautiful foreshore areas of the Parramatta River in the City of Canada Bay and Ryde. The journey takes you back in time to explore the stories of the people and places who played a significant role in Australia’s efforts in the second world war.

Like many communities around Australia during WWII, when word came of the Japanese advance south, the people and businesses of Canada Bay and Ryde were ready to contribute where they could. Army hospitals were set up, factories started making ration packs for soldiers and a number of local boatbuilding yards turning their efforts to the production of sturdy wartime vessels.

Join your host Peta Khan as she takes you on a fascinating walk exploring these stories of bravery, hard work and innovation in one of Australia’s greatest hours of need. The walk will take you on some of Canada Bay and Ryde’s most beautiful walking paths, through diverse landscapes and past a number of fantastic hidden heritage buildings and estates.

Rising Tide is available now on Google Play and the Apple Store.

Stay tuned for our next update with Augmented Reality archival pics on location!