MTC: Success Stories

Brand story video

Maitree produced a program impact piece for MTC Australia showcasing three success stories from their Skills for Education and Employment program.

Brief: To provide an emotional pull and demonstrate the real impact of MTC’s SEE Program to MTC’s referring agencies. The final video is to be used in presentations about the program by MTC’s SEE staff.

Solution: Maitree chose to focus the piece on the stories of three diverse SEE program participants whose lives have each been positively impacted by the program. We wanted to show the real stories behind these training programs and the potential life changing experiences people can have when given learning opportunities and community connection like those offered by MTC.

MTC’s Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program provides language, literacy and numeracy training to community members aged 15-64. The program aims to improve the capabilities required to move on to further training and increase the chances of employment.