Red Door Arts:

Connect with Excellence

Community Arts / Video Installation / Mobile Walking Tour

"The impressive strength of ordinary people takes centre stage, while invisible privilege is exposed, making us confront our own positions in society, and the generosity we may or may not extend to others in everyday interactions. The work is delicately composed to take us through a visceral and emotional journey, going deeper and deeper as time passes, into our personal humanity. It is a meditative and profoundly reflective process that allows art to do its most sacred job, which is to make people better. The show brings to our attention, not only the challenges faced by people with disabilities, but also the unsung heroes who overcome barriers on a daily basis."

Suzie Wong, Theatre Reviewer

Maitree was engaged by Red Door Arts to produce video installations and the overall audio experience for audiences on the Connect With Excellence walking tour in Rozelle, Sydney in 2016. The tour allowed audiences to explore community access and barriers through the eyes of people with a disability. For the video installation, we ran creative storytelling workshops with diverse members of the community who generously shared their experience of living in the community with a disability. The installation was projected onto a nine metre wall in the Hannaford Centre and characters were life size in the space.