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Maitree specialises in codesigning authentic and creative elearning content. Acting as your in house creative team we support you to co- create meaningful and inclusive content that speaks directly to your target audience.

Elearning content
with social impact.

From co-design content workshops and scripting through to production and editing, the Maitree team  can support you to create and deliver authentic elearning courses with social impact. We specialise in creating inclusive, community led content with the people most impacted by the work you do.


Our favourite part of the process is working alongside community members to identify key messages, learning outcomes and creative design ideas they think are important. Consultation and working groups helps guide us throughout the content creation journey.

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Diverse and inclusive representation

Ensuring diverse representation on screen is crucial to delivering meaningful content and making sure your employees or target audience are listening to the voices and stories of the people that matter most.

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Talented hosts

We have a suite of talented hosts around Australia and we are always looking out for more! Our hosts are from the community impacted by the work and are expert at delivering key learning messages in an engaging and accessible way.

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Educational and bespoke animation

We work with a collection of animators to create bespoke animations and infographics for your elearning content. From scripting, storyboarding, and content design through to the animation, voice overs and sound design, we can support you to deliver high quality educational animations. 

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In partnership with our elearning partners or your own interactive team, we support high quality integration of video content into your elearning course. Throughout the process we support you by keeping the project focused on inclusive, community led design and representation.

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