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Cahaya XR is dedicated to using new and emerging digital technologies to preserve Penang’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage, celebrate the arts and connect people, places and communities.

What is Cahaya XR?

Cahaya XR is a project of Maitree's dedicated to using immersive technology to actively preserve and celebrate Penang arts, culture, heritage and stories. The Cahaya team specialise in collaborative community storytelling with a specific focus on using immersive technology like virtual, augmented and extended reality (VR/AR/XR) to bring Penang stories to life.

Our Vision

We envision Penang as a smart and sustainable heritage city where community members are the drivers and facilitators of their own narratives and where Penang’s heritage, culture and the arts is fused with the digital allowing for preservation, adaptation and exploration so current and future generations can embrace and celebrate our dynamic and evolving community and its stories.

Our Skills

XR Immersive experience design

Virtual Reality Production (VR)

Augmented Reality Production (AR)

3D Virtual Scans and Tours

Digital placemaking

Community consultation

XR Labs and Mentorships

Community storytelling workshops

Digital Heritage Interpretation

Applied Public History

Mobile App Heritage Tours

Multimedia/film production


We create location based digital experiences in Penang that bring our community together and breath life into under-explored stories. From mobile app walking tours to augmented reality story experiences, art tours and multimedia installations.

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XR Labs and Mentorship Program

We run an annual mentorship and workshop program to support local communities and artists to produce new immersive XR stories and experiences sharing original voices and underrepresented narratives from our community.

Story Projects

In partnership with local organisations and individuals we produce bold, informed and authentic immersive story experiences. From virtual reality theatre and documentary experiences, narrative augmented reality  and spatial sound installations.

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Digital Heritage

We collaborate with Penang heritage organisations to support their digital heritage interpretation projects, digital transformation and digital archiving projects. From 3D virtual scanning and tours to building and maintaining Penang archive and story material in the Metaverse.

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