Anindilyakwa Services

Aboriginal Corporation (ASAC):

Media Mob Training

Film Workshop / Media Training / Indigenous

Maitree ran a filmmaking training with a group of emerging creative producers based from Groote Eylandt. The training was a foundational filmmaking course so staff of ASAC and local community members could continue to produce their own short films, cultural stories and event coverage.

ASAC's mandate is to protect, preserve and maintain the culture of the Anindilyakwa people on Groote Eylandt, so each trainee chose a cultural story to produce for screening at the annual One People One Voice Festival.

The group produced some great results in a short time - each small team developing their film concepts, filming and editing their individual pieces. Here are some of their final films: 

The Forgotten Art

by Loretana Wurramara

Young Generations

by Steve Wurramara

The Life and Times of Poison Whisky

by Brian Pascoe and Anthony Lalara

The Dream Team

by Jamison Wurramarrba and Kesley Lalara